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  • 128,679,127Parts sold in 2014
  • 60Active Customer accounts
  • 215Products in our portfolio
  • 25Countries where our products are sold

Automotive Electrical Connections


  • Wiring Harness Linked Parts: eyelet terminals for any wire section, terminals and junctions for soldered wires (US welding), busbars, cable channels, etc.
  • Connectors and Terminals: cost reduction alternatives, specific developments, sealed or unsealed applications, in-line or wire-to-board applications, etc.

Markets and Customers

  • Automotive Tier 1 Harness Makers: we already work with customers like DELPHI, LEAR, LEONI, SUMITOMO, YAZAKI
  • Automotive Equipment suppliers (and their harness makers): we already work with customers like DELPHI, FICOSA,  MGI COUTIER, TI AUTOMOTIVE, and harness makers like AMIPI, CABLERIAS AUTO, ELCOM, ELETTROSUD, ELEKTROMETAL, FICOSA, FILEC, GJM

Selling Proposal

Designing new innovative and specific solutions to reduce total cost for our customers

  • Bring solutions to automotive suppliers' concerns
  • Give attention to what big connector and car makers leave away
  • Dedicated products rather than components on the shelve
  • Fast return on investment for our customers

Other Automotive Businesses

Mass Production Manufacturing Service (sub-contracted)

  • Target Customers: major tier 1 connector makers
  • Target Products: connector housings, boxes, terminals
  • Other Services: End of Life management


In partnership with our sister company JOKON, in Bonn (Germany)

  • Target Customers: tier 1 equipment suppliers with light systems
  • Target Products: external rear mirror lights, other products under investigation

Selling Proposal

  • Expertise in Automotive Electrical Connection, Plastic Injection, Metal Stamping and Plastic / Metal interfaces and assemblies
  • Competitive hourly cost rates
  • Integrated design, development, validation and manufacturing
  • JOKON partnership: lighting expertise in particular for LED systems and their electronics

Other Markets

Connectors and Terminals

Compatible with the automotive technologies, such as:

  • DIN 43650 connector fire & smoke resistant for specific railways application
  • Sealed 220V connection for outside home appliance
  • Other specific connectors and terminals

Manufacturing Services

  • High Volume Mass production in plastic injection, metal stamping and assemblies

Selling Proposal

  • Extensive experience in embedded electrical connectors and terminals
  • Integrated design, development, validation and manufacturing expertise
  • Large floor space and Manufacturing capacity
  • Competitive hourly cost rates