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VMI acquires new assets


Today VMI has acquired the assets of the former I-CONNECTICABLE, which include overmolding and technical wiring harness manufacturing equipment.

Overmolding had already been identified as a potential strategic extension to our existing business with products such as: overmolded connectors on single wire, overmolded connectors, overmolded pig tail connectors, cable channels with overmolded inserts, etc.

We will begin with 2 operators to resume the production for former I-CONNECTICABLE customer and we plan to quickly grow this number through new businesses currently under negotiation.

VMI has no plan to develop a wiring harness activity. This is why the technical wiring harness manufacturing equipment will be sold to employees of the former I-CONNECTICABLE who want to relaunch this activity. Nevertheless we will keep some material to cut, strip and crimp wires for our overmolding activity.