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T-JAC by VMI: sealed connection for aluminum and copper cables


pressT-JAC, a new sealed connection technology for aluminum or copper cables has been officially launched on the market today by VMI. This is the conclusion of 3 years of intense development, with thousands of T-JAC made and crimped, close to 10,000 hours of cumulated durability testing.

T-JAC is a tube which can be used in different ways:
1-T-JAC DIRECT, is a sealed tubular terminal for direct connection of aluminum or copper cables, for straight or potentially 90° connecting direction.
2-T-JAC STANDARD, is a sealed junction between an existing terminal and a cable. Copper replacement by aluminum can be immediate. It seals any connection including those with the most complex shapes.
3-T-JAC DOUBLE, is a sealed junction between an existing terminal and 2 cables, for sealed window crimp on aluminum or copper cable.

T-JAC achieves the following performance:
-sealing as a tubular terminal
-electrical resistance as low as a US welded terminal
-durability as an existing terminal for copper cable
-compatible with complex counterpart shapes
-cable assembly by traditional mechanical crimp, without any extra fixture.

T-JAC definitely provides strong advantages for harness makers, allowing them to continue working with their usual crimping machines. This means no additional or heavy investment and more of all this keeps relevant the whole capitalized experience in cable crimping. T-JAC is highly flexible with its full range of application, DIRECT, STANDARD and DOUBLE which is precious for harness design.
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