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Our Values

VM Industries is a recent company that had the chance to start its activity with an already significant staff that had a strong wish of creating together something new and strong. During the first year of VMI, we have worked together to define which where the common values we were sharing. These have become VM Industries Values.


  • Make mutual support a priority
  • Share thoughts and competencies to solve issues together
  • Remain nice and gentle with our colleagues
  • Care about colleagues and do not let them mistakes to repair
  • Be flexible to be able to adress an urgent request
  • Do what we have promised to do the best way we can


  • Take great care of tooling and machines
  • Scrupulously fulfill safety procedures and standards
  • Increase and use all our competecencies
  • Share know-how and experience within the team
  • Honor our expertise
  • Make Customer Full Satisfaction our Main Objective


  • Welcome and take care of new people
  • Guarantee training and time for integration
  • Favour building of personnal relationship within the teams
  • Take time to understand each other
  • Do not leave anyone isolated
  • Pay attention to each other's personnal development at VMI


  • Remain polite with colleagues
  • Consider employees difficulties as an important matter
  • Accept our differences (mindset, way of working, etc.)
  • Be responsible of our words and acting
  • Give each one's freespace to express his opinion
  • Check that people correctly understands what each one says