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Our current ambition:
a unique position on our niche markets in Europe

Looking ahead to 2030… Looking to be your best partner

DOUBLE Digit Grow

  • 7% of revenue in CAPEX
  • 6% of revenue in R&D staff
  • 50% of free built space for capacity extension

The BEST price and service

  • Design to cost and performance
  • Delivery service rate target of 100%
  • Quality target of 0 ppm
  • Available and attentive to our customers

2030 Electrical Powertrain

  • A unique place in electrical powertrain for Electric Vehicles and all variations of Hybrid Vehicles (P-HEV, M-HEV, HEV)
  • With specialty products in our core business and areas of competence


  • Cable lugs and power terminals
  • Busbars
  • PCB headers
  • Eyelet terminals
  • Special connectors


  • Main and secondary harnesses
  • Aluminum power cables
  • Inverters and switches
  • Mechatronics

Investing in reindustrialization in France pays dividends


MOLEX (2004-2008)

  • Villemur plant, was the pilot site for many new product launches for connectors, terminals and engine ECU headers
  • Source of our work methods and tools, derived from a top-ranked international company for electrical connectors

CINCH LABINAL (1941-2004)

  • Leading player in France for automotive electrical connectors
  • Source of our expertise in design, development and manufacture of electrical connectors
  • Source of our experience in quality and reliability for electrical connectors
  • Tight link with harness maker SYLEA as part of the same industrial group –SYLEA was acquired by LEONI in 2008

VMI (Since 2009)

  • MOLEX closed the Villemur plant in 2008
  • Marc Laisné and his team acquired the assets and hired 50 former MOLEX employees
  • Activity started with a fully equipped plant, but without products or customers
  • The team is convinced that the European market expects local expertise with high levels of agility. That is what VMI has to offer.

Valuable Expertise

Valuable People

Valuable Plant

Over 70 years of experience in mass production of automotive electrical connectors

A unique configuration featuring highly motivated employees

A fully equipped testing laboratory

Reindustrialization and Made in France has been a success

Doubling in size every 4 years


Offering tier-1 suppliers what they can’t get from existing connector makers.

Providing personal attention to people and working together for joint benefits.

Quality and Reliability

70 years of production in automotive electrical connectors and extensive knowledge of all related failure modes.

Products and processes are designed in this logic.

Delivered parts: 0 ppm level at 0 km and in the field.


Helping our customers get ahead thanks to better quality, cost-effective products.

Enhancing product function and design to generate the most savings.

Using our testing lab to validate new definitions.

  • VMI’s growth has been strong and steady since 2013 (+24% CAGR)
  • In 2012, VMI group acquired JOKON Gmbh headquartered in Bonn, Germany
  • Jokon designs and manufactures automotive lights, employs over 200 people, and posts approximately €25M in annual sales

We care about tier-1 automotive suppliers

A single site with a global delivery footprint

Serving the European market and the world

M.G. Customer Logistics

“We clearly have rules to deliver to our customers, but we are always looking for solutions when we are contacted about a service. We don’t like to say “no”. We try to be flexible without disruption, and I believe that we are achieving a high level of service.”

Solutions for power management

and electromobility

Serving tier-1 automotive suppliers


Eyelet terminals

Cable lugs

Captive nut eyelets

HV connections

Junction box terminals and connectors

T-JAC for aluminum cable

Waterproof cable lugs

Power busbar

Inverter, converter, switch connectors

A connector specialist for smart and quality electrical connection

Understanding how a connector works and why it fails makes the difference


Special terminals and contacts

Eyelet terminals

Lead frames

Power and signal connectors

Special ECU headers

Brush boxes

PCB contact boxes

Electrical connectors to increase your competitiveness

Sealed or unsealed housings and terminals, tailored to your needs


Competitive alternative connector housing

New connections by Design to Cost

New connections by Design to Function

New customer proprietary design

Non-automotive connections

We built our quality with robust product and process design

Product quality is the result of communication at all stages, it’s part of our mindset

F.P. Head of R&D

“I started my career in production at CINCH. This experience helps me to design top quality products. When I’m drawing, I know the impact of each line and tolerance on the process and quality.”

O.M. Project Manager

“Something I really like at VMI is that you can go onto the shop floor with the designer, meet with the tool expert, set-up men and operators to discuss a concept or a change. This eliminates many risks and unpleasant surprises.”

F.P. Head of R&D

“I feel highly concerned by the quality I produce. I want us to be proud of what we sell to our customers. The good thing at VMI is that if I have the slightest doubt, we have immediate access to quality, project managers, R&D experts and designers to decide on the best course of action.”

VMI’s value comes from its employees

Industrial excellence driven by our people

W.M. Head of Stamping

“My guys are not like machines. I give the same priority level to their professional skills and their well-being at work. Mutual respect is also a deeply held value at all levels in the company.”

J.S. Assembly Operator

“I joined VMI 4 years ago. During my time as a temporary worker, I received comprehensive training. I am now the referring operator on the SWA assembly line for Volkswagen.”

M.R. Mold Construction specialist

“You cannot learn mold construction and maintenance at school. At VMI, I spent four years learning from Roland before he retired. He had extensive experience in this area of expertise. I don’t have the level he had yet, but I know enough to feel confident in my work and responsibilities.”

Special attention to our processes makes our products better than others

Our internal tool shop is at the center of our product-process design and manufacturing

• Preventive maintenance efficiency of 90%

• Tool repair of 100% within 2-24h

• Continuous improvement

 • Joint product & process development

• Continuous improvement based on manufacturing and quality feedback

• Designers responsible for process efficiency in production

• No dependency on tool suppliers to put a tool in production

• Optimize, improve and make changes to tools quickly

• Make (20%) or buy

• Supplier network in China and Europe according to product complexity and timing

Internal Tool Shop








J.G. Head of Tool Shop

“With the type of products and processes we have, tools and molds are essential to reach the best level of price, quality and performance.

We are not a toolmaker but we are pretty smart in our tool shop. This makes a difference when we offer to optimize products and processes.”

We make things differently because we can test and prove conformity

All typical tests for automotive electrical connections are covered by our testing lab

Deep Learning

  • Testing products against a comprehensive validation standard reveals much about function
  • Design and validation loops are closed by facts and data to learn from experience
  • Each new design is informed by previous lessons learned

Concept Validation

  • A or B-samples built in a couple of weeks for the most basic A-Sample
  • Accelerated aging such as thermal shock for quick data collection
  • Effective decision-making to select the best design

L.L. Design Expert

“Similar to the Japanese, we like to see and touch what we design. This is the best way for me to work. I also like to have data to guide my design and I constantly use the testing lab for that.”

In-house TESTING

  • Complete and integrated Laboratory
  • 95% of OEM Standard tests performed in VMI Lab
  • Quick reaction on testing adjustments / fails
  • 4000h of testing per year

C.R. Head of Testing Lab

“With the type of products and processes we have, tools and molds are essential to reach the best level of price, quality and performance.

We are not a toolmaker but we are pretty smart in our tool shop. This makes a difference when we offer to optimize products and processes.”

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